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Monitor Schedule

  • Sep 25, 2022 10:00am - 01:00pm
    Sharon Royer (Scheduled)
  • Sep 25, 2022 01:00pm - 04:00pm
    Gail Covert (Scheduled)
  • Sep 26, 2022 01:00pm - 04:00pm
    Caroline Alexander (Scheduled)
  • Sep 27, 2022 10:00am - 01:00pm
    Carolyn Newman (Scheduled)

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Sew ... What's Happening?

Sew Crafty Wednesday


Members working away & finished fall wreaths. It was a great class and everyone did a beautiful job. We had a good time!

Thank you Diane for teaching an excellent class. 


Card Class


Thank you Linda Bailey for an awesome card making class today. It was great fun even though a few of the students “just had too much fun”.

Basic Sewing Class


Another great Basic Sewing class.  We went through our basic notebook and answered a lot of questions.  Then we sewed our coaster project.  A big "Well Done" to Jane, Robyn. Luana, Pat, Terri and Carol in the back row.  Marilyn, Evangeline and Susan are seated.  Special thanks to Shiela, Donna and Joanne.

Charity Quilters


Today Quilters for Charity accomplished assembling 3 quilt tops and sandwiching two. Thanks for your amazing generosity and teamwork!

Today's team was Jane McEvoy, Tina Best, Maxine Drapkin, Judy Himler, Jacquie Kapphahn, Bobbi Marcussen, Maggie Messenger, Lorene Osterday, Olga Parsons, Sharon Royer , Jane Addis and Jill Yager. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Basic Sewing - Refresher


The Basic Sewing group is on a roll. Today Shiela taught them how to make cloth book marks. They also made trivets. Some even continued to work on their placemats.

Taking part in the fun were Evangeline, Judy, Joan, Grace, Carol, Lorene, and Georgeann (we got a picture of her placemat).

Who knows what adventures are in store for them in September!

Featherweights & Friends

Hanger safes
“Featherweights and Friends” August project….another success!!!! The project was the popular “Hanger Safe”. Jill was assisted by Jean and Katrina. “Team Work”

Basic Sewing - Placemat Class


Our Basic Sewing class created placemat magic today. Everyone was successful in getting one done. They even learned several options for "quilting" them to have a fully finished one. The top group is Luana, Judy, Lorene and Grace. The next group is Evangeline, Jane, Carol, Joan, Judy, and Sandy.  We missed getting Georgeann and her adorable gnome placemat in a picture. A special thanks to Linda, Donna, and Pam.


Rope Bowl Class


Monica taught a fun and successful Rope Bowl Class today. No broken needles and most finished their bowls. 

Thank you to all the members that participated in the class. You were fantastic students!

A special thank you to Wendy S. for helping Monica with the class. 



Vanishing Ribbons with Wendy

Ribbon 6

We had a great group today! Amazing projects…….two have zippers in the body of the artwork. Jo, Melissa, Jean, Sue and Monica. I can’t wait to see them finished for the next meeting.

Basic Sewing Class - Mesh Bag Project


Our Basic Sewing class was a huge success today. Katrina showed the members how to make the mesh bags. Everyone finished and loved their projects. Students included Teri and Nina; Bobbie, Marie, Joanne, and Linda; and Caron, Crystal, Joan, Georgeann and Carol. A shout out to Jean and Wendy for being mentors to the group.

Also a big thank you to Melissa for continuing with organizing our Basic Sewing Classes.  It is much appreciated!